A OEM / ODM / OBM / TDM Manufacturer and Provider

Alliances Extend Solink Capabilities to Deliver the Best Solutions to Fit Cient Needs

SOLINK International Manufactures Company Limited is a global product manufacturing and management company. Combining unparalleled experiences, comprehensive capabilities across industries and factories, and extensive researches, engineering and design capabilities for rapid custom demands for competitive marketing and higher profits.  SOLINK closely collaborates with clients to help them in product development, engineering, testing, certificating, manufacturing and distributing to assist customer becoming high-performance business.

Solink has developed a powerful manufacturing resources network of alliances with a core objective of helping our clients become high-performance businesses while getting the most value out of the project investments.  Our alignment with industrial experienced manufacturers enables us to deliver a more complete solution to our clients.  Working closely with more than 20 industrial manufacturers and factories complements and extends Solink’s resources and capabilities with responsive solution.  Our network of alliance relationships strengthens our capability to help our customers achieve their goals and reduce their risks. Solink collaborates with customers to develop and implement innovative product and strategies for rapid, sustainable results across the projects. We bring a solid foundation of tools, knowledge, experience and people to help customers turn industry challenges into opportunities.In addition, through Solink’s global distribution and warehousing support system, clients are able to reduce their international operation costs and transportation expenses for promoting their products with international scopes efficiently. 

We’ve partnered with companies since the startup of their business — and with newcomers that are redefining the rules of their market competition.  We work closely with our clients to help them to define the most strengths and values of their product with wide-ranging manufacturing strategies and most ambitious business goals rather than price competition war.

Today’s volatility leads to tomorrow’s opportunity: In innovation that responds to customer demand and new business models that widen global reach.  Solink takes the possibilities around every corner.  We intend to provide clients with a widely covered road map for navigating into the future product development and manufacturing.

Differentiation is hard won in product development and marketing strength. Solink can help. We provide engineering and manufacturing services that allow companies to focus on the core competencies that set them apart. We develop strategies that set the course for innovation. And we help identify areas of cost savings, making operations as efficient and effective as possible.